Presqu'île Records
Various Artists


PSQ004-2 – Double CD Digipack – Release date: 2012/04/23

1.01 John Tilbury – Al Contrario (D.Smith) 34:02
1.02 Magda Mayas – Foreign Grey 09:10
1.03 Choi Joonyong / Joe Foster / Hong Chulki / Jin Sangtae – From Dotolim 14:29
2.01 Burkhard Beins – Counter 06:25
2.02 Mark Wastell / Jonathan McHugh – Eventide 06:27
2.03 Annette Krebs / Chris Abrahams – Duo 02:43
2.04 Annette Krebs – Field recording of the anti-Wall Street-demonstration in front of the Reichstag in Berlin 03:58
2.05 Mural – Fukushima for the Time Being 09:35
2.06 Michael Pisaro / Greg Stuart – The Bell-Maker, from Four Pieces for Recorded Percussion (Il faut attendre) 21:34
2.07 Greg Kelley – Cylindrical Mirror 07:05

  • 1-01: John Tilbury (piano).
  • 1-02: Magda Mayas (piano). Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tony Buck in July 2011 at Pappelallee 5, Berlin and Acud Studio, Berlin.
  • 1-03: Choi Joonyong (CD players), Joe Foster (things and stuff), Hong Chulki (without turntables), Jin Sangtae (acoustic car horns). Recorded at Dotolim, 19 September 2011, by Hong Chulki.
  • 2-01: Burkhard Beins (analogue synthesizers, E.T., bowed chimes). Recorded and produced by Burkhard Beins in Berlin, July 2011.
  • 2-02: Mark Wastell (Paiste 32″ Tam Tam), Jonathan McHugh (Eventide H3000).
  • 2-03: Annette Krebs (mixing-board-feedbacks, radio, amplified objects, e-guitar), Chris Abrahams (DX7 FM synth and Vermona Mono Lancet analog synth). Selected, mixed and mastered by Annette Krebs
  • 2-04: Musicians and spontaneous guests: Sabine Erklenz (tp), Chris Heenan (alto sax), Mike Majkowski (pitch pipes), Andrea Neumann (tp), Koen Nutters (bowed crotales), Morten Olsen (git), invited via word-of-mouth and Facebook by Johnny Chang and Morton Olsen, playing a composition by James Tenney. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Annette Krebs.
  • 2-05: Jim Denley (flute), Kim Myhr (acoustic guitars, zithers and objects), Ingar Zach (gran cassa, percussion).
  • 2-06: Greg Stuart (glockenspiel, bar chimes, wood blocks). Recorded, mixed and mastered by Greg Stuart.
  • 2-07: Greg Kelley (trumpet).
  • Album Mastering and Post Production: Christoph Amann, Amann Studios Vienna.

This compilation was inspired by Otomo Yoshihide’s Lecture.

100% of the funds raised through the sales of this record will go to japanese non-profit organizations.

Artwork: Leanne Shapton