Presqu'île Records
Mitsuhiro Yoshimura
Masahiko Okura


PSQ002 – CD Digipack – Release date: 2008/11/03

  • Mitsuhiro Yoshimura (microphone, headphones).
  • Masahiko Okura (alto sax).

01 Duo 06:54
02 Solo(s) 40:38

Technical information:
  • “Duo” recorded live at Loop Line, Tokyo, July 28, 2006.
  • “Solo(s)” recorded live at Loop Line, Tokyo, September 17, 2006.
  • Recorded and mastered by Mitsuhiro Yoshimura.


Although this CD is the live recording of a duo concert of Masahiko Okura and myself, I feel that these recorded performances are like two solo sets. However, at the same time, the coincidence factors intruded on these performances deeply and surely influenced in some way so that we can also say this is a trio performance CD.

Of course, a title (here, of the music) doesn’t explain the work of art, and also vice versa. One of them is not subject to the other. The title is on a parallel with the music for me.

I don’t deny the meaning of a phenomenon nor prohibit, never limit. I just want to awaken meaning. What meaning do I want to alert? It is, “what is improvised music?”.

Mitsuhiro Yoshimura
January 2008

Illustrations: Julien Pacaud