Presqu'île Records
Mitsuhiro Yoshimura
Taku Sugimoto
Toshiya Tsunoda


PSQ001 – CD Digipack – Release date: 2008/11/03

  • Mitsuhiro Yoshimura (microphone, headphones, book).
  • Toshiya Tsunoda (buzzer and brass sticks).
  • Taku Sugimoto (papers).

01 Santa 60:11

Technical information:
  • Recorded live by Taku Unami at Aoyama Book Center HMV Shibuya, May 19, 2007.
  • Mastered by Mitsuhiro Yoshimura.


“Santa” is a free paper which Sugimoto, Tsunoda, and Yoshimura edit and is issued about 4 times a year. “Santa” always includes 30000 to 40000 characters on the both sides of the A3 format because all the essays written by ourselves and the guest writers are of considerable volume. “Santa”, which is aimed specially for critiques that concern music and words, is indeed a free paper consisting of almost only characters!

We had an event, which was called “santa book fair”, at a certain bookstore in Tokyo for a month. For this book fair, each of us selected some of our favorite books and commented on them. This CD is the recording of the concert that we had at the gallery in the book store while the book fair was being held.

By the way, “santa” is a technical term, which means 3, as used in the traditional Japanese gambling game “oichokabu”. It is therefore nothing to do with Santa Claus!

Mitsuhiro Yoshimura

January 2008

Illustrations: Julien Pacaud