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First donation


It’s been seven months since the release date of VA – Fukushima!, and today a first donation of $940* has been sent to the Japan Society’s Japan Earthquake Refief Fund. It is, of course, a modest contribution… but after all, mountains are climbed one step at a time.

There are still some compilations available so you can continue to support the cause, but meanwhile, I’d like to thank everyone who ordered VA – Fukushima!, and everyone involved in this project: Otomo Yoshihide, The Japan Society, John Tilbury, Magda Mayas, Choi Joonyong, Joe Foster, Hong Chulki, Jin Sangtae, Burkhard Beins, Mark Wastell, Jonathan McHugh, Annette Krebs, Chris Abrahams, Sabine Erklenz, Chris Heenan, Mike Majkowski, Andrea Neumann, Koen Nutters, Morten Olsen, Dave Smith, Jim Denley, Kim Myhr, Ingar Zach, Michael Pisaro, Greg Stuart, Greg Kelley, AVVA (Billy Roisz and Toshimaru Nakamura), Billy Gomberg, Richard Kamerman, Christoph Amann (Amann Studios Vienna), Tony Buck, Jon Abbey (ErstDist), Yoshiyuki Suzuki (IMJ), Jérôme Noetinger and the Metamkine team, Phil Zampino (Squidco), Lim and The Book Society, Will Long (Floor Sugar), Bimbo Tower, Leanne Shapton, Amy Casey, and thanks a lot to Alastair Wilson (Admirable Restraint), Derek Walmsley (Adventures In Sound And Music) and Luka Zagoricnik (Godbeni Imperializem) for their support.

* Update 2013-02-26: $1078

Review at TMT


VA – Fukushima! reviewed by Matthew Horne at Tiny Mix Tapes.

On Resonance FM


An excerpt of VA – Fukushima! was recently broadcasted by Resonance FM (Derek Walmsley’s Adventures In Sound And Music). A stream is available here.
Note also that the recent Michael Pisaro / Toshiya Tsunoda on Erstwhile (Crosshatches) is also in the playlist.

Flags Across Borders (and more)


Some recent news:

  • Flags Across Borders : A call for the Festival FUKUSHIMA! (Synchronized Worldwide Events), by Otomo Yoshihide.
  • VA – Fukushima! is now available at Floor Sugar (Tokyo, JPN).
  • Richard Pinnell reviewed the compilation at The Watchful Ear.
  • Radio & review


    Two tracks of VA – Fukushima! are in the playlist of Luka Zagoričnik’s radio show, Godbeni Imperializem. A stream is available here.

    Also, John Eyles published a review of the compilation in All About Jazz.

    Admirable Restraint


    Two tracks of VA – Fukushima! are in the playlist of Alastair Wilson’s radio show, Admirable Restraint #44.

    Note that the show is available for the forthcoming 14 days on

    “VA – Fukushima!” is out today!


    VA – Fukushima! is out today and available at our shop.

    The compilation will soon be available in different shops / distributors:

  • Bimbo Tower (Paris, France)
  • Erstwhile / ErstDist (Jersey City, NJ, USA)
  • Floor Sugar (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Improvised Music from Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Metamkine (Rives, France)
  • Squidco (Wilmington, NC, USA)
  • The Book Society (Seoul, South Korea)
  • “Fukushima!” pre-orders


    The release date of VA – Fukushima! has been to April 23, 2012.

    Pre-orders are now opened in our shop, and the double compilation will soon be available from your favorite distributors.

    As mentioned earlier, 100% of the the sales of this release will benefit Japan Society’s Japan Earthquake Refief Fund.

    Please spread the word around you!

    “Fukushima!” preview


    Currently at the pressing plant, the VA – Fukushima! compilation is coming very soon.
    Some excerpts of the tracks are available here, or on SoundCloud.
    Profiles of the musicians are also available on this page.

    Announcing VA – Fukushima!


    Inspired by Otomo Yoshihide’s Lecture, VA – Fukushima! will be the 4th release on Presqu’île Records.

    This double compilation will feature contributions from Magda Mayas, John Tilbury, Choi Joonyong, Joe Foster, Hong Chulki, Jin Sangtae, Burkhard Beins, Mark Wastell, Jonathan McHugh, Annette Krebs, Chris Abrahams, Mural, Michael Pisaro, Greg Stuart, and Greg Kelley.

    The album will also be accompanied by an online project gathering essays, paintings, pictures, and videos from AVVA (Billy Roisz / Toshimaru Nakamura), Billy Gomberg and Richard Kamerman.

    Almost a year ago after the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, the situation is still very precarious. People of Japan need our help. This is a modest contribution, but 100% of the funds raised through the sales of this record will go to japanese non-profit organizations.

    Stay tuned for more details coming in the forthcoming weeks!

    After a long hiatus…


    Presqu’île is back!
    A new website… and some new music, soon.

    Omni: out now!


    The Omni CD (Kato Hideki, Tetuzi Akiyama & Toshimaru Nakamura) is out now ! Available directly from here and soon from your favourite distributors. More info and some mp3 samples have been added here.

    Forthcoming third release


    For our third release, we are happy to welcome Omni, a trio co-founded in 2006 by Kato Hideki, Tetuzi Akiyama and Toshimaru Nakamura.

    This self-titled CD, featuring cover photography by Alexey Titarenko, captures a live performance recorded in last November, in Tokyo.

    Currently at the pressing plant, this debut album should be available in the forthcoming weeks… so, watch out for the next update!

    PSQ 003

    Omni – S/T
    + Read more…

    More shops, release party


    Just a little note today to inform you that two new shops will distribute our records in the forthcoming days: Floor Sugar (USA), and IMJ (Japan).

    Also, if you’re in Tokyo tomorrow night, there’s a “Santa/Trio CD release party” at Loop Line (doors 7pm; 2300 yen).

    Details here.

    First releases are available now!


    Our two first releases are out now!

    The CDs can be ordered directly from our shop page, and should be also available from our distributors in the forthcoming days: ErstDist (USA), Metamkine (France), Sound 323 (UK)… and maybe more to come.



    Due to technical problems with the pressing plant, our first releases are delayed.

    Expect them in the forthcoming weeks… patience !

    Out soon


    Currently at the pressing plant, our first releases should be ready in the forthcoming weeks.

    PSQ 001

    Mitsuhiro Yoshimura / Taku Sugimoto / Toshiya Tsunoda – Santa

    + Read more…

    PSQ 002

    Mitsuhiro Yoshimura / Masahiko Okura – Trio

    + Read more…