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Out Now - Fukushima!

VA - Fukushima!
PSQ004 - Double CD Digipack
  • Annette Krebs
  • Chris Abrahams
  • Burkhard Beins
  • Choi Joonyong
  • Jin Sangtae
  • Hong Chulki
  • Joe Foster
  • Greg Kelley
  • John Tilbury
  • Mural
  • Magda Mayas
  • Mark Wastell
  • Jonathan McHugh
  • Michael Pisaro
  • Greg Stuart
100% of the the sales of this record will benefit Japan Society's Japan Earthquake Refief Fund

An online edition featuring:
  • Otomo Yoshihide's Lecture
  • Two exclusive videos from AVVA (Billy Roisz & Toshimaru Nakamura)
  • A video from Billy Gomberg
  • A video from Richard Kamerman
  • Paintings from Amy Casey
Latest news

First donation

It’s been seven months since the release date of VA – Fukushima!, and today a first donation of $940* has been sent to the Japan Society’s Japan Earthquake Refief Fund. It is, of course, a modest contribution… but after all, mountains are climbed one step at a time.

There are still some compilations available so you can continue to support the cause, but meanwhile, I’d like to thank everyone who ordered VA – Fukushima!, and everyone involved in this project: Otomo Yoshihide, The Japan Society, John Tilbury, Magda Mayas, Choi Joonyong, Joe Foster, Hong Chulki, Jin Sangtae, Burkhard Beins, Mark Wastell, Jonathan McHugh, Annette Krebs, Chris Abrahams, Sabine Erklenz, Chris Heenan, Mike Majkowski, Andrea Neumann, Koen Nutters, Morten Olsen, Dave Smith, Jim Denley, Kim Myhr, Ingar Zach, Michael Pisaro, Greg Stuart, Greg Kelley, AVVA (Billy Roisz and Toshimaru Nakamura), Billy Gomberg, Richard Kamerman, Christoph Amann (Amann Studios Vienna), Tony Buck, Jon Abbey (ErstDist), Yoshiyuki Suzuki (IMJ), Jérôme Noetinger and the Metamkine team, Phil Zampino (Squidco), Lim and The Book Society, Will Long (Floor Sugar), Bimbo Tower, Leanne Shapton, Amy Casey, and thanks a lot to Alastair Wilson (Admirable Restraint), Derek Walmsley (Adventures In Sound And Music) and Luka Zagoricnik (Godbeni Imperializem) for their support.

* Update 2013-02-26: $1078